August 2

Geothermal Energy

What is Geothermal energy?
-Geothermal Energy as a form of energy that can become electricity.
-It is heat from the earth.
-It is also shown as hot springs and geysers.

How does geothermal energy become electricity?

-There are different kinds of geothermal energy, But they all conclude in the same way.Geothermal energy is produced when the water below the surface of the planet get heated by magma, lava and hot rock which push the boiling water up production wells planted in the ground up 10,000 of feet below the surface {3.048 km}. That water or another liquid is heat to create steam. The steam spins a turbine with spins a generator which creates electricity. Any leftover liquid is sent back into the ground making it a renewable energy source.

Is Geothermal Energy renewable?
-Because its source is the almost unlimited amount of heat generated by the Earth’s core.

-Even in geothermal areas depending on hot water, the amount of water taken can and will be replaced, making it a sustainable energy source. So In a way yes.

Where is Geothermal Energy Produced?

-There are bases all over the world. There are some in the United States, Philippines, Mexico, Italy and Indonesia.
-85% of the present geothermal generation are in countries that lie on the “Ring of Fire.”
-The Ring of Fire is a lot of volcanoes in a horse shoe shape around the pacific ocean where there are lots of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Can Geothermal Energy be stored?
-Yes but not by us humans,  As it is stored in the earth below the crust.

How does geothermal energy work?
-The water below the surface gets heated, some of that water breaks through the surface of the earth.
-They normally happen where tectonic plates meet.


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