April 12

A to Z Recount

During the break I Ate Banana muffins, Chocolate and Turkish Delights for Easter. I spent time with my Family and Grandparents. I watched Hawthorn play, although I was sad when they lost but Jolly when they won. We bought a Kitten Which we named Finn. We bought some cat Litter and a Mouse on string. He can sometimes be a bit Naughty, we also gave him an Orange Ping pong ball to play with. He is also sometimes Quiet. We adopted him from the RSPCA. He is quite Speedy, he is a grey Tabby and is Usually Very friendly. He likes Wet food. I finished Magnus Chase and the sword of summer, I was surprised when X the half troll was actually Odin. Later I squeezed Yellow lemons to get the juice for pancakes. I went to the cinemas with my Grandma, Nana, Mum and Emma to Kung Fu Panda 3 and I also watched Zootopia in it’s pre screening with Mum and Emma. It was an awesome holiday!!!